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Mrs.  Sandy  Schultz
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Conversations about your child's school day

Be Involved in your Child's Education
Be Involved in your Child's Education

What do you think of when the words PARENT INVOLVEMENT come up?  Do you think of someone who volunteers at school every day, the room mother who organizes the parties, the father who coaches the schools ball team?  Granted, these are certainly attributes that describe parent involvement and are important.

Research shows that supporting your child's education at home is even more important.   Just asking "How was school today?" probably won't get you very far.   "What did you do today?" will more than likely elicit the answer "Nothing."

I would like to share some conversation starters that you can use in talking with your child/children that will help you stay involved in their education.

Start the conversation with:

"What is the best thing that happened today?"

"If I asked your teacher what you did today, what do you think she would say?”

Just when you think you know all that you need to know, you ask another question and discover how much more there is to learn.  This is an excellent strategy for developing critical thinking skills. All of us need to practice asking questions and learning how to answer questions.