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Early Works Museum Trip  

Early Works Museum Field Trip

Thursday, May 3

Please have your child to school by 7:30. We need to be on the bus and leaving by 8:15.

Your child needs a lunch from home or school and a drink.

Snacks will eaten at school when we return in the afternoon.

If you are attending and want to bring your child home, please see a teacher to sign out.

May 4 Walk-a-Thon  


Please return permission slips and pledges before May 4.

We will be walking around the school most of the day.

If it rains, we will walk inside the lower hallway.

Tim's Ford Park  

Trip to Tim's Ford Park is Monday, May 7.

Your child needs to wear comfortable walking shoes for our hike.

Bring lunch, snack, and two drinks.

Parents are welcome to drive out to the park.

Eagle Carnival  

Annual Eagle Carnival is May 17. 


Please dress appropriately for the weather.

Awards/Talent Show  

May 23

Fianl Awards Day 8:30

Annual Talent Show 12:45

Classroom Schedule  

Please take a minute to look over our classroom schedule. We have a very busy day in which every minute is filled. I understand that appointments must be made from time to time. I know it is necessary to check your child out in order to keep these appointments. Please do everything that you can to allow your child to be in class until 2:45. It is very difficult to get caught up on work that is missed. Thank you.