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Spring Activities  

It's Recorder Time!

5th Grade will be having recorder lessons in January and then move into studying instruments of the orchestra.  After Spring Break they will begin Recorder Karate.  So, dust off those recorders and bring them to class!


4th grade will begin the New Year with recorder also.  This is the first time for North Lake to to use their new instruments.  Anyone who purchased one will get it in January.  A study of instruments of the orchestra will follow the recorder unit.


Other Grades Activities



3rd grade will be learning some folk dances throughout the Spring semester.   They will also be learning to sing in round and sing partner songs.




2nd grade will be learning the elements of a song (melody, accompaniment, lyrics, beat, style, etc.)  As they sing simple melodies, they will learn to sing on pitch and with beautiful sound.




1st grade will continue to practice steady beat as they play lummi sticks, boomwhackers, and other classroom percussion instruments.  In addition, when orchestral instruments are visiting the classroom, lower grades will get to view and hold some of them.




Kindergarten classes are continuing to practice steady beat as well as sing simple songs.  We often play musical games and sing about special trips like the zoo, a picnic, or the deep blue sea.