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Walk-A-Thon will be the week of April 30th- May 4. Our theme is Mardi Gras.  Monday will be color day. The students will need to wear green, gold, or purple. Tuesday there is no school. Wednesday is parade day at 1:00. Thursday is King day and the students will wear a crown. Friday is the Walk-A-Thon. Please have the children wear comfortable shoes as they will be doing alot off  walking. Sun screen is a must. We do not want any children sun burned. 

Wednesday is parade day. If you want your child to be in the parade,  they will need to make a float out of a toy wagon. If they do not have access to one,  they may decorate a box that they must wear over their body No small boxes will be allowed to be carried. All boxes must fit over the whole body of the child. Any theme will be fine. 

Packets are being sent home for you to read and understand if you are new to this. You may call me or e-mail me about this anytime.


Rules of gym  

Welcome to Broadview School.

Rules of  the gym. 

1. No eating and drinking in the gym. This  includes early morning drop off and pick up in the afternoon.

2. No chewing gum.

3. If the student is sick and the parent does not want them to play, I need a note from parent or doctor. 

4. If your child has a broken limb, the student is out of gym until the child has been release from the doctor. A cast can be hazardous to other students and to your own child.

5. Please have your child wear tennis shoes to gym. Flip flops, sandles,crocs, and boots are a safety hardard  on the tile floor.