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Jump Rope for Heart  

We will begin our annual Jump Rope for Heart campaign Monday, January 29 through February 9th. The students will bring home their envelope on the day they  have PE.  This event will continue until February 9th. The last day to bring in money is February 12th. Attached to their envelope will be a sheet to tell you how you can donate on line. Anyone can do this as this may be the safest way to donate and not have the children bring in money to school in fear they may lose it. The children like this event, as they have fun jumping rope, and if they do not know how, this is an opportunity to learn. The upper grades will do hoops for heart as well as jumping. 

     The class who raises the most money for the American  Heart Association will have a party in the gym during school hours. They really like to get out of class. It will not be during PE class. This also gives the classroom teacher a extra break. What a way to reward the classroom teacher!!

Rules of gym  

Welcome to Broadview School.

Rules of  the gym. 

1. No eating and drinking in the gym. This  includes early morning drop off and pick up in the afternoon.

2. No chewing gum.

3. If the student is sick and the parent does not want them to play, I need a note from parent or doctor. 

4. If your child has a broken limb, the student is out of gym until the child has been release from the doctor. A cast can be hazardous to other students and to your own child.

5. Please have your child wear tennis shoes to gym. Flip flops, sandles,crocs, and boots are a safety hardard  on the tile floor.