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Important Information about Art Class  

Dear Parents,

Are you, or do you want to be, an on-line shopper? If so, you can make a positive difference for our classroom with just one click of a button each time you shop!  

In an effort to raise much-needed funds for our children in our classroom, I have taken the initiative to implement a new fundraising program that will allow you to help our class, without costing you any extra time or money.

Here's how it works - through our new fundraising partner, Ziggedy, you will be able to earn free donations to our class every time you shop on-line from thousands of retailers like Walmart, Amazon and Best Buy. Ziggedy is completely free (i.e., there is absolutely no difference in the price you pay), and it takes only one extra click through Ziggedy before you shop.

In addition, Ziggedy is currently running a promotion in which they are donating a one-time $5 bonus to our class for every new account, which ALSO installs the "Ziggedy Reminder" and keeps it installed for a minimum of 90 days. If all of our parents sign up and install the Ziggedy Reminder, it's a bonus of $150 or more to our class. Talk about an instant positive impact!

Take a quick moment to create your Ziggedy account today from a desktop or a laptop (the Ziggedy Reminder is not available on phones or tablets) at

Thank you for your support and participation in this exciting new program!

Please note. This account will be used for North Lake and Broadview funding