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Music Activities to try at home

Hello to all of Totty's Terrifically Talented Music Students.  I miss being with you every other week.  While we are on this extended break here are a few music ideas to try and webpages to check out.   Stay busy learning!


For all grades:

1. Interview your parents, grandparents, brothers and sisters (or other family) to find out what their favorite song is and why its their favorite.  Pick one song from the list and Google it to find out who wrote it and/or who recorded it.  Listen to the song on whatever music platform you have (Spotify, YouTube, Amazon Music, CD, etc.).  Write a few sentences to express your opinion of the song and whether or not you agree with the family member that chose that song.  Then, draw a picture of what the song brings to your mind when you hear it. 


2. Same as #1 but choose your favorite song


3. Explore your house for items that could be used as a rhythm instrument (a bucket turned upside down makes a great drum, an empty plastic bottle filled with rice, beans or peebles makes a great shaker).  Use your "found" instrument to play along with your favorite song on the radio.  If you would like to you may email me a picture of yourself with your instrument.  I would LOVE to see it.


4. If you have a recorder, ukulele, guitar, or other instrument available, look for beginner lessons on Youtube and start learning to play. Also see below* for a great deal on a free 90 day trial to TrueFire and JamPlay


5. Create your own instrument from rubber bands and a small box or plastic cup.  Try to find different widths of rubber bands and discover the different sounds they make.


6. Write your own words to a simple song like "If You're Happy and You Know It," or "London Bridge", etc.  Sing it for your family, then teach it to them so you can all sing it together.



* I applied to TrueFire Studios' K-12 Initiative for a free trial for students and teachers to try out their online lessons.  They offer guitar, bass, and songwriting.  Great News, we got it!!  Here are the instructions:

We're happy to be able to provide free access to our music education platform during this time of need. Please share the following instructions with your teachers and/or students:

1. Visit
2. Create a free TrueFire account or log in
3. Enter code "K12SPARK"

1. Visit
2. Create a free JamPlay account or log in
3. Enter code "K12LNK"

Upon submission, your teachers and/or students will be granted 90 days of free All Access, which allows them to stream our entire library of over 45,000 interactive video lessons for guitar, bass, and more.


Other websites:  click on the article "When You Have To Teach Elementary Music From Home"

once on that page, scroll down to Elementary General Music  check out the links

Youtube has recorder lessons: search VMM Recorder Tutorial (includes the Recorder Karate songs)

YouTube also has bucket drumming lessons