Principal's Corner

Mrs.  Sandy  Schultz, Principal

Phone: (931)967-0132

Welcome Back

It is my pleasure to welcome you to the 2019-2020 school year. I hope that you have had a relaxing summer filled with lots of fun. Our staff is excited to begin the school year and we welcome both new and returning students. We are all part of a wonderful school filled with a very experienced, high quality staff.

As your principal, it is my privilege being part of such a dynamic and successful group of teachers, students and parents.

As parents, your involvement with your child’s school experience is very important. I know with busy schedules, it can be difficult finding time to volunteer in the classroom but if an opportunity comes your way please join our school organization (Broadview BPO). It is a fantastic way to meet other parents and play an integral role in making a positive difference in our school. We love having our male role models here helping also, and we encourage all dads, grandpas, and even uncles to participate also.

We have been working hard this summer preparing for our upcoming school year, The custodial staff has worked very hard in maintaining the character and cleanliness of our building.. There is good reason to have a lot of pride in our school environment and we look forward to continuing our successful educational efforts by bringing effective and meaningful learning experiences to our Broadview Students.

Again, we welcome you and look forward to seeing you soon. If you have any questions, please give me a call at 9931-967-0132 or send an email.